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"ReadySetResearch!": Wikipedia for Research?!

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Wikipedia for Research? YES & NO!

Wikipedia for Research?

After evaluating a Wikipedia article (the grade, the comments, the references) use it as any online or print encyclopedia--for background, keywords, and their references or external links. 

How DO I use Wikipedia? 

  • Background research--to get an overview of your topic and find key names, dates, issues, people to use in searching for more information and articles.
  • References list--links to sources, some journals, books, websites. Use and cite these.
  • External links--to other sources and websites that might be useful. Use and cite these.
  • DO cite your Wikipedia article in your Works Cited--when is is a good article--rated "B" or better.

When do I NOT use Wikipedia?

  • When the article has a "bad" grade--below a "B" you shouldn't even look at it!
  • When the actual "good" article is your only source, or your main source!

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Using Wikipedia for Academic Research