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"ReadySetResearch!": Checkology: Levels of Scientific Evidence

What is this place?

Explanatory Video

An engaging 20-minute Checkology tutorial featuring Dr. Kat explaining the above infographic. The tutorial uses short, TikTok-style videos to walk students through the infographic.


An infographic defining eight distinct levels of scientific evidence. The levels are ordered from weakest to strongest and reflect a spectrum of quality, so students can visually grasp differences.


An interactive 25- to 30-minute Checkology mission, recommended as an assignment after students have read through the infographic and viewed the tutorial. Dr. Kat asks students to put their skills to the test as they help her identify types of scientific evidence that various claims are based on. Real-life examples are taken from TikTok, Twitter and other digital sources of news and information. 

CLICK for mission Tutorial!