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5 Steps to Research!: Start Smart

Use independently or as a class--5 basic steps to research

1. What is Research & What are Sources?

What is Research?

3. SQ4R for Better Reading!

SQ4R For Better Reading!

Have you had trouble taking notes from books or handouts you need to read?

4. Note-taking Systems & Templates

Writing / Research Guides

What's in This Guide?

5 Steps to Research

What's in This Guide?

This 5 Steps to Research Guide is a basic introduction to the research process. Each step takes approximately 15-20 minutes to complete. All of the modules include:

  • A list of key concepts and skills you should learn
  • Main text and video tutorials

To get started, on this page after reading this box and watching below the video Why Can't I Just Google? ... 


  1. Watch What is Research?
  2. Watch Understanding Assignments and click important Command Terms 
  3. Watch the SQ4R video on tips for reading for information
  4. Look at Note-taking Systems & Templates and try them!
  5. ALSO check out the Research Quick Guide from EasyBib for an overall presentation
  6. Go to Step 1 tab on the top and click the video!

Main Points to Remember:

  • Research is combining what you know and think with what others have to say and then filtering all that information into an answer to your question.
  • Research is a journey to find people, or sources, who have information that can answer your questions.
  • Sources shape what you think.
  • Sources have an agenda.
  • Consult multiple sources.
  • A research paper is a map of all the sources you consulted to develop an answer to your question.

2. Understanding Your Assignment

Understanding Assignments

UNC Writing Center: Published June 2018

Reading your assignment when you receive it (and asking questions about anything you do not understand) prevents confusion and saves time down the road.

5. Research Quick Guide from EasyBib


"Creating a Successful Research Project"

Credit Box

This LibGuide was created by Kathy Fester and is adapted from Northeast Wisconsin Technical College (thank you!) and is  licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.