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Stories of Jewish Families During the Holocaust

Click on each picture to read their stories.




Holocaust Encyclopedka

Concentration Camp Liberation

As Allied troops move across Europe, they encounter the horror of thousands of prisoners in Nazi camps.

Stories of Non-Jewish Holocaust Victims--Click on their pictures to read


Map of Japanese Internment Camps

Challenge to Democracy: U.S. Government Film

Challenge to Democracy: U.S. Government Film

Government-produced film attempting to defend the massive internment of Japanese Americans in concentration camps during World War II.  From the Prelinger Archives.

"Why We Fight"

The first part of a series of films produced by the United States War Department during World War II. The series explained the reasons for the U.S war effort up to that time. This first part covers the rise of Fascism in Italy, Nazism in Germany, and Militarism in Japan and juxtaposes their political and social systems with that of the U.S. It also portrays

D-Day Animation: The Greatest Amphibious Invasion in the History of Warfare


Dan Farley Describes Surviving a Day-Long Firefight on D-Day on Omaha Beach

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