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All teachers are welcome to use these resources for student engagement, teaching, and furthering your own education. If you have suggestions of resources to be added to this guide, just email me!

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Reading Universe!

Khan Academy

Khan Academy

Khan Academy

NYPL Public Domain Collection

New York Public Library: Public Domain Collections now Available!

No permission required. No restrictions on use!

NYPL Public Domain Collection

Online Learning Resources!


The goal: Teach our middle and high school students life skills that will help them in college and in finding out about the world. What do we know? How do we know it is truth? How do we give credit? How do we present this information to help others understand what we know?

Grades 4-12: How to research -- how to find, evaluate, and use information effectively, efficiently, and ethically.  It is easy to apply for and get a free POWER Library eCard to use these resources. 

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About me: I am a Retired Librarian living in Pennsylvania. I have been a Library Director for school districts in New York, Texas, and 2 international IB Schools (Tbilisi, Georgia and Bangkok, Thailand).  I was an Adjunct Professor at Adelphi University teaching incoming college students how to research. I have worked with students who learn differently and I try to present information in text, video, and audio sources whenever available.  

I am here to help you! Because I am a teacher librarian research fanatic...

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