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American Revolution: Start Here! POWER Library Databases--Great Websites--Primary Sources

All Topic American Revolutionary War Websites & Primary Sources

Databases Using Your PowerLibrary Card

Research your topic with these Pennsylvania PowerLibrary databases & your E-Card to find scholarly, authoritative, and accurate resources.

Primary Sources

Search Tips & Strategies

Search tips and strategies:

  1. The keywords you use can have a huge impact on the results of your search. When you see this 

      Dig deeper and search the PowerLibrary for names, battles, events!

  2. Every word counts! Avoid searching sentences or entire questions

You can identify keywords by scanning: 

  • Your research questions
  • Articles found from background research
  • Tables of Contents, Indexes, & Bibliographies found at the end of books and articles

If you are still struggling:

  • Use a thesaurus to identify synonyms.
  • Find pictures related to your topic, then describe them.
  • Brainstorm keywords with a librarian, your instructor, or a friend.